A Vision of Success Through Excellence

No matter how small a process, it is a link to another process. The result is an integrated network of processes derived through carefully researched methods to enable efficient production of high quality products. DENSO encourages every associate to think well beyond the basic function of their immediate task. The full measure of respect and empowerment accorded associates supports a singular focus on process improvement and quality products.

The Best of Processes

All processes at DENSO are based on a foundation of Kaizen (continuous improvement). DENSO principles underscore that everything can be improved and that nothing is insignificant. Throughout the production processes, DENSO relies on advanced robotic equipment. More than 800 high-precision and high-speed robots at DENSO in Maryville, Tennessee have helped contribute to the quality of all components and systems while also helping create a more human-friendly workplace

Quality standard:
ISO/TS 16949

Environmental standard:
ISO 14001 certified